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This 'VOLUNTEER' badge indentifies each Host & Hostess during the Museum Visiting Hours!


A badge to be worn proudly, as you escort, announce, protect and befriend each and every Museum Visitor, as they learn and enjoy Clearfield County's preserved heritage!

Museum 'Hosts' - are wanted...

for Sunday & Thursday afternoons,

from 1:15pm thru 4:30pm,

May thru October 2024 !


During this open museum season, volunteer 'hosts' become part of each and every Museum experience!

For visitors to appretiate the full experiance of 3 floors of Clearfield County relics & collectables displayed, guides, like as you, can help our visitors  understand and enjoy various  displays which demonstrate

Clearfield County's rich and interesting past!


'On The Job' training is simple, fast and entertaining...

you are qualified !

You can easily adapt your personal skills to the interest of our museum visitors, in understanding our layout and exhibits.


To express your interests in being a 'Museum Host or Hostess',

simply type your name(s), E-mail address & comment.

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The heart and soul of this museum is its volunteers. There are many opportunities available to all self- motivated folks who wish to participate in preserving Clearfield County's rich history.

If you are a 'self starter', we might need your skills!

Sign-up and Volunteer in the form above.

Benefits of  VOLUNTEERING  for individuals !

1. Reduces loneliness
Volunteering is a great way to combat the loneliness that affects many people. By actively engaging in community service, volunteers form meaningful connections with others, foster friendships, and combat social isolation. The shared sense of purpose and belonging within volunteer groups provides a supportive network, helping individuals build relationships that alleviate feelings of loneliness and positively impact their overall well-being.


2. Improves job skills
Volunteering goes beyond the act of giving. It’s also an opportunity for personal and professional growth because volunteers develop diverse skills through practical experience. From leadership and teamwork to problem-solving and communication, volunteering provides a platform to develop these vital new skills, making individuals more attractive to potential employers and boosting their overall career prospects.


3. Connection to our community
Volunteering fosters a deep sense of connection to the community one serves, strengthening the bond with residents and cultivating solidarity and a collective commitment to community well-being. Through active involvement in community-driven initiatives, volunteers develop a profound understanding of local needs, challenges, and available resources. By becoming integral members of the community, volunteers collaborate to drive positive transformations and uplift the lives of those they help.  


4. Feel a sense of purpose
Engaging in volunteer work helps give individuals a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Whether working for environmental conservation, helping the disadvantaged, or supporting educational programs, volunteering enables individuals to participate in activities that align with their values to create a profound sense of purpose. By contributing their time and skills to causes they care about, volunteers experience a deep understanding of meaning and satisfaction.


5. Meet new people
Volunteering is an effective way to expanding one's social circle and meeting new people from diverse backgrounds. Volunteer groups attract individuals with a shared passion for a cause, providing the ideal ground for building lasting friendships. Through collaboration, shared experiences and a common goal, volunteers forge connections that often extend beyond the volunteer setting, enriching their personal and professional networks.


6. Drive community improvements
Volunteers play a vital role in driving positive change within their communities. By actively engaging in projects and initiatives, volunteers contribute to improving local infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and social welfare.

Their collective efforts create a tangible impact, transforming neighbourhoods, enhancing public spaces, and addressing pressing community issues. Volunteering empowers individuals to drive change and make a lasting difference in the place they call home.


7. Improves physical and mental health
Engaging in volunteer activities has been linked to improved physical and mental health. Volunteering promotes an active lifestyle with many opportunities involving physical exertion and outdoor activities. Volunteer work and the act of giving back can reduce stress levels and promote a positive mindset. Volunteering also provides a sense of social support and belonging which can help foster resilience and combat feelings of depression and anxiety.


8.  Gets you out of your comfort zone
Engaging in volunteer work encourages individuals to explore uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of their comfort zones. It presents opportunities to embrace new challenges and experiences and foster the development of resilience, adaptability, and a mindset geared towards growth.

     By confronting fears, overcoming obstacles, and venturing into the unfamiliar, volunteers can unlock untapped potential within themselves. Stepping outside the confines of familiarity allows for personal growth and transformation, empowering volunteers to recognise their true capabilities and broaden their horizons.


9. Increased empathy and understanding
Volunteering provides an opportunity to develop empathy and foster a deeper understanding of the world around us. Engaging in meaningful service exposes individuals to diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. This experience enables volunteers to empathise with the challenges others face which nurtures compassion and the ability to connect on a profound level. Through acts of kindness and support, volunteers bridge the gap between different communities, promoting unity and social cohesion.


10. Personal growth and self-discovery
Participating in volunteer work offers individuals a way to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. It is an opportunity to discover one's passions, interests and values which can lead to a profound understanding of their strengths, principles, and aspirations. This process of self-discovery has the potential to uncover hidden talents, improve self-confidence, and cultivate emotional resilience.

Past Events: Historical Society Volunteers restore County Home Cemetery...

Clearfield County Historical Society with assistance from the Clearfield County Commissioners and other volunteers recently erected a new sign at the County Home Cemetery after spending years restoring it. Pictured from left are Vegetation Manager Jim Davis, Clearfield County Historical Society booard members Denny Shaffner, Bob Eshelman, Scott Kolesar and Chris Watson, volunteer Milk Miller, Clearfield County Commissioner John Sobel, and Clearfield County Historical Society board member Cathie Hughes.

One of the ongoing projects of the Clearfield County Historical Society board members and volunteers is documenting abandoned and forgotten burial grounds.

In 2010, the society investigated the location of the old County Home Cemetery in Lawrence Township located across the railroad tracks about 1,600 feet behind the former county home.

What the society found was an approximately one-acre piece of ground completely overgrown with brush and small trees with remnants of locust fence posts and barbed wire along one side. Although there are hundreds of graves, the society found only four tombstones.

The County Home opened in December 1895 and housed as many as 140 people in 1917, and 131 resided there in 1925. Burials started soon after opening, and the last burial was in 1951. According to one newspaper article published in 1901, there were 108 burials to-date.

And from a Clearfield Progress article in 1926, “All graves filled in and the entire 360 graves fixed up, and for the first time the name and date of death on each person buried therein appears on a tile and slate marker at the head of each grave.”

The society found no tile markers in the cemetery. However, piles of tiles were found at the edge of the area. The name and dates must have been painted on them as they contained no information. They were probably removed at some point to make it easier to mow. These tiles could have possibly come from neighboring Robinson Clay Works, c1915-1965.

CCHS, with support from the Clearfield County Commissioners, began a many-years project of restoring the cemetery.

Brush and trees were defoliated and cut. This was done with the assistance of board members, many community volunteers and Jim Davis of Vegetation Managers.

Although there is no public access to the site, the society was granted access for the project from the Clearfield Waste Water Treatment Plant.

After extensive research using decades of aerial maps, newspaper articles, courthouse records and researching books and files at the Alexander Research Center, the society has determined this small area contains almost 500 graves.

Only five of the graves are marked with tombstones.

Four of the stones were found during the initial investigation in 2010, and one was found in 2018 during the restoration.

While there are hundreds laid to rest here, the society has only 171 names of known persons.

A permanent sign has been installed, using posts from the County Home, with the name of the cemetery on one side and a list of the 171 people on the other.

...another volunteer project.
Volunteers 'right' fallen tombstone...

Volunteer below for the Clearfield County Historical Society....

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The Kerr House Museum and Genealogy  Research Center


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