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Since 1988, the Centre County Historical Society has annually recognized individuals and organizations for their outstanding work in preserving Centre County history.

Julie Ruggiero Houston of Clearfield County Historical Society will receive the 'Support and Volunteerism Award' for spearheading “The Negative Project.” Sponsored by the Clearfield County Historical Society,

Houston’s project preserves and shares a visual history of people, places and events in 20th century Centre and Clearfield Counties.


40 years of random photos developed from

      'The Progress'

        negative file

collections...1960's - 1998 !

B&W ...Photos

                 1954 to 1995                             from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

Photo captions "under construction"...


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B&W ...Choice Photos

                 1950 to 1990                             from The Progress 'negative' archives. 


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Variety of photos

        ....some back to 1966!                              from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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Sports Scenes from 1998...

                        plus skiing in 1976 !                                                                   from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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Random 1950 - 1970,

Historical Images

                                    The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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Winter time - 1959

and Here Comes Santa

 The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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 More Winter time -

in & around Clearfield County

 The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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'The Progress negatives'

 Winter scenes -

from around Clearfield County

 The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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'Progress Land'

negative '60-80s' era photos -

from around Clearfield County

 The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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'Progress Land'

negative '50s' era photos -

Thanksgiving, Hunting & Winter

from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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View 'Progress Land'

negative '50s era photos...

from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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2023 Veterans Day Memorials 

through the years...

from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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Select variety of 'Progress Land'

interesting '60s era photos...

from The Progress 'negative' archives. 

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A few Halloween 'negatives' and other images from the 1950's thru 1970s, throughout our County!

from The Progress 'negatives'

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Medal of Honor, Pfc. Melvin L. Brown, Reserve Center dedication - 1959

from The Progress 'negatives'

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Random photo shots developed from events and folks of the 50s, 60s, & 70s'

in 'The Progress' Land negative files....

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Many more random photo shots developed from

'The Progress' negative files....

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Some more random shots captured from

'The Progress' negative files....


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Some more photo shots captured from

'The Progress' negative files....


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The End  ...with more to come!

Some random shots from

'The Progress' negative files

captured back 50 or so years ago!

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Maybe you can recognize

...some friends or relations...

from "back in the day" !

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Local Art of 1973 !

Prominate Displays by Area Artists

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Here are some Progress photo faces

from 1970' might remember ?

Maybe you can ID some of these

familiar County faces & places

from the 1950'S major events!

Maybe 1976 Fair Photos...

Do you recognise these Fair Faces ??

Lots of TV & Recording Stars have entertained us

live at the Fair... are just a few.

Including Bob Hope & Red Skelton !!

Some Fair Fun from '71.... might fing you,

or someone you knew!

1963 Clearfield County Fair Parade -

These images are from THE PROGRESS negative archives. 

One of the years it 'rained on our parade!'


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It's Fair time...

...let's have a look

at the 1978 Fair

(from preserved Progress photo negatives)

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Houtzdale Borough

Bicentennial Celebration 1976

(from old Progress photo negatives)

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Photos from Color Negatives

...year undetermined !

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Some Local Baseball History

... in vivid Black & White 

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Curwensville Days - 19 ? ?

Have a look!

Let's see how many faces and events

you can recognize from these

old Progress photo negatives.

Moshannon Valley Celebrations

Osceola, Houtzdale, Madera


Osceola Mills Community Parade

4th of July, 1973

Click on photo to enlarge...

Clearfield County Fair - 1968

Houtzdale Parade - Plus Misc. photos


Pictured here,

 Julie Houston of the Clearfield Historical Society displaying a small sample of the materials in The Negative Project. For the project, Houston is scanning old negatives donated by The Progress and posting them on the Negative Project’s Facebook page and web site.

"I couldn't believe how beautiful (the pictures) were," Houston said.

"I was blown away at what I was seeing."

                            — Julie Houston,

Clearfield County Historical Society board member.

Julie Houston and the Clearfield Historical Society are preserving a valuable and unique window on Clearfield and Centre County’s past by publishing old negatives from The Progress and other sources on the Internet.

Houston, of Morrisdale, and board member of the historical society, is scanning old photograph negatives obtained by The Progress and publishing them on The Negative Project-Clearfield Historical Society’s Facebook page for the entire world to see.

The photographs have quickly become immensely popular and are now being viewed by thousands of people from all over the country, Houston said.

For much of its 100-plus year history, The Progress used film cameras for its photographs and its photographers carefully preserved the negatives and stored them in the attic of the former Progress building on E. Locust Street in Downtown Clearfield.

Over the years, the collection grew immense. When The Progress decided to move to its new location on E. Market Street a few years ago, Progress Publisher Pat Patterson recognized the importance of the collection, and offered to donate it to the historical society for preservation.

“These pictures tell stories that are so important to Progressland,” Patterson said.

Former President Dave Wulderk of the historical society brought the proposal to the society’s board of directors and it approved accepting the collection, Houston said. The historical society then hired a moving company to relocate the large collection and stored it in the historical society’s Carriage House.

The historical society staff was busy with other projects, so the collection sat in storage for several years until last Christmas. At the time, the area was experiencing bitter cold temperatures causing one of the pipes to burst in the building. Fortunately, the collection wasn’t damaged, but Houston said she became concerned that if something happened to the collection, this history would be lost forever.

So Houston proposed at the historical society’s January board meeting to purchase a negative scanner to preserve the photographs for posterity.

The purchase was approved and Houston set up the scanner in her home office and began scanning the negatives. When the first pictures showed up on her computer screen, Houston said she was “stunned.”

“I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were,” Houston said. “I was blown away at what I was seeing.”

The pictures covered a wide variety of topics of life in Central Pennsylvania including parades, Christmas celebrations, Boy Scouts at camp, spelling bees, concerts, fires, snowstorms, festivals and fairs, social and civic organizations, citizenship ceremonies and sporting events, local businesses of Clearfield and Centre counties including Clearfield, Curwensville, Houtzdale, Philipsburg and Coalport.

Most of the pictures are extremely sharp and clear, allowing one to see people’s facial expressions as well as the the buildings and storefronts showing how local towns once looked.

The pictures are from the 1940s to the early 2000s when The Progress switched from film cameras to digital cameras. The first color photographs began showing up in 1982, Houston said.

One of the early photo sets is from 1941 of the “Clearfield Battery B 190 Artillery Boys and the 104th Cavalry Troop.” The reserves had been called up to travel to Fort Indiantown Gap in March of 1941 as World War II raged in Europe and Asia.

Most of the pictures in the collection were never published by The Progress because its photographers would take multiple pictures of an event, but only one or two would be published in the newspaper, Houston said.

Although they don’t have any words, Houston said the pictures themselves tell important stories of Central Pennsylvania’s past.

Houston said some of her favorite photo sets are of Billy Bell, a longtime Progress newspaper carrier who delivered papers in the West Side of Clearfield using a wheelbarrow, and of longtime barber Henry Thon cutting hair in his barber shop.

The most viewed photoset so far is of the 1980 Penn State Blue White spring football game featuring pictures of Coach Joe Paterno, Franco Harris — and Todd Blackledge and Jeff Hostetler — as they battled for the team’s starting quarterback position. Blackledge would eventually be named the starter and would lead Penn State to win the National Championship during the 1982-83 season. Hostetler transferred to West Virginia University after the 1980 season and would go on to be the starting quarterback of the New York Giants when they won Super Bowl XXV in 1991.

Some of the negatives were stored in boxes or folders that labeled exactly what the collection included. Some were only labeled by year, but many had no labels at all and the collection contained very few names of the people in the pictures.

The historical society asked the community to participate in preserving this history and asked people post the names, events and places of any of the photographs they recognize when they see the photos on Facebook.

The response has been overwhelming, Houston said.

“Exactly what I hoped would happen, happened,” Houston said. “People are identifying the people, they are identifying the places, they are even identifying vehicle years,” Houston said.

She said people are even digging out old yearbooks and taking pictures of their contents and sending them to the historical society to help in identifying people.

She said the feedback from the public has been all positive.

“People really love the photographs,” Houston said.

She said recently a woman sent her an email saying she spotted her father’s picture in The Negative Project. She said her father died when he was a young and she didn’t have any photographs of him until now.

After she posted pictures of the Turkey Hill Festival in the 1970s, and they included a candid picture of an older couple. A man from California contacted her and said they were his grandparents.

“He went on and on about how much that photo meant to him because it captured them smiling and having fun,” Houston said.

Once people started seeing The Progress negatives, several photographers or families of former local photographers donated their negative collections to the historical society, and those pictures have been placed on the Facebook page as well, Houston said.

These photographs are also important because they show current generations why their ancestors settled here and why they loved living here so much.

“These pictures have so much charm,” Houston said. “It’s just enriching to everyone in the community to see how life was. It’s our history,” Houston said.

So far Houston said she has posted roughly 8,000 photographs but she said there are so many negatives, she could work for the rest of her life and not complete the project.

“There is that many negatives,” Houston said. “But we are very excited to be the caretakers of these negatives and to be able to share them,” Houston said.

“I am so happy that the historical society is able to do this,” Patterson said. “I would encourage everyone to express their gratitude as well.”

Patterson said most don’t realize that the people at the historical society do a lot of important work behind the scenes who don’t get recognized for their efforts. 

104th Cavalry, Unit A, National Guard

established 1921

1982 Clearfield County Fair Parade

Passing in Review

while heading for the Driving Park !

From NEGATIVES shot around DuBois - prior to 1912

Maybe you can identify locations or situatiions....?

Clothing and situations are nostalgic! 

Review to the Clearfeild County Fair - from 1960 ?

A day at Glendale Lake, Prince Gallitzin State Park......

...see if you recognize some faces!

click link for > Facebook 

Pictured are members of the Clearfield Batter B 190 Artillery Boys and 104th Cavalry marching through Clearfield as they leave for training at Fort Indiantown Gap in March of 1941.

The Progress news story, by Jeff Corcino, 5/25/2023

Negative Photo Project -

Clearfield County Historical Society
Welcome to the 'Negative Project' sponsored by the the Clearfield County Historical Society.  The goal of this page is to share the history of Clearfield County and surrounding areas from the many negatives from our archives that we have started scanning.  The images are a wonderful glimpse into the past.  Many of the negatives have been donated from 'The Progress' newspaper files. There are also negatives that have been donated to the Clearfield County Historical Society by individuals throughout the years.  Please comment if you can identify people, places or memories of the photos


Memorial Day Memories

Shull Studio Negatives

1948-1950, Clearfield High School Bison Yearbook

...see anyone you recognize ?

The Progress -  'Negative' photos of

Clearfield Elks - 100 year Celebration

The Progress -  'Negative' photos of

The Dimeling Hotel...

The Progress -  'Negative' photos of

Riverside Market, Clearfield about 1956

           I976 Irvona Bicentennial Parade                    in review !

1954 Clearfield County Celebrates                            it's 150 year.... take a look! 

If You Haven't been to the                     Frenchville Picnic..... 

1941 - "Clearfield Battery B 190th Artillery Boys and 104th Cavalry Troop" 

"Billy"...Progress Land's Best !

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