Photo Gallery - William Patton Brown Art, 1935

Each of the following 17" x 12" images, on 100lb quality reproduction paper, with a 1/2" white surround border, are on sale by The Clearfield County Historical Society for $30.  (These these prints are also available framed, matted with glass for $110 each, including tax & shipping. Call 814-765-6125 or stop by the Clearfield Museums for information.) 

William Patton Brown - Art Selections

     William "Bill" Patton Brown, born in 1904 in Clearfield, PA. After attending design school in New Yourk City, he moved to Florida joining the Ringling Brothers Circus. The famous circus capitalized on Brown's talent by sending him to an art illustration school. He continued work for Ringling Brothers until the late 1930s. Bill moved home to Clearfield where he continued painting for the joy of art as well as advertising work for local businesses.  William Patton Brown died in 1980.

     These watercolor paintings, that the Clearfield County Historical Society is privileged to preserve, are of particular, esthetic beauty. We have deemed them the "INDUSTRIAL SERIES" due to the subject of local coal, brick and other industries from the 1930s.

The Historical Society was guaranteed a limited quantity of only 100 each of these high quality, digital prints from this series by Brown. Each print is numbered and comes with a certificate.

'INDUSTRIAL SERIES' follows, #1 through #8. Available on-line here or in-person at our Museums.      (click images below for full screen blow-up)

#1 - Clearfield County Courthouse 'Loafers'

A vivid watercolor produced in 1951 depicts 5 gentlemen 'loafing' on the Market St sidewall of the Clearfield County Courthouse - a somewhat typical scene at the time.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#2 - Windy Hill, Wrigley Addition

This 1935 painting depicts 'company row houses', each built in similar style by an employer, to insure adequate staffing be available for the nearby industry.
Wrigley St. runs from Woodland Road in the East End section through to Clark St. in the Hillsdale section of Clearfield.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#3 - Market St. at 3rd St Intersection - Clearfield

This illustration shows the night lights of Clearfield in the 1930s. Looking East from 2nd St. on Market St. the old 3rd St railroad tracks are visible as two black lines. The towns citizenry mingles in the evening glow.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#4 - Hillsdale Mine Tipple

A somber, idle 'drift' coal mine tipple for coal delivery preparation, located somewhere on the lower edges of the Hillsdale section, high above the town of Clearfield looking East, depicts a by-gone, labor intensive industrial, era.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#5 - The Old Reed Brickyard

Early days of steel making required 'fire brick'. This yard in Reedsville area, South of Clearfield, supplied this much need insulating brick for the molten steel mill ladles at the time. The raw product, clay, was abundant from local mines.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#6 - Reeds Brickyard

This up-graded yard featured 'continuous kilns' similar to a continuous pizza oven concept of today, the finished bricks rolled off in an assembly line process. Remnants of this plant stand visibly at the South - East corner of Rt. 879 at the Hyde bridge intersection.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#7 - Wiley Mine at Centre

Coal production goes to market by rail. This graphic illustrates coal being loaded via the use of a 'tipple', an early mechanization whereby coal is dumped from trucks to a chute channeled to a waiting train car.This operation was in the old 'Hyde City' area.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping
#8 - The old Brewery

Most decent size towns featured a brewery, Clearfield was no exception!
This remarkable structure still stands at the top of 'Brewery Hill'. Aptly named, this hill is located on Rt. 322, East of town, visible to all surrounds, with an edifice adapted to uses from diving tanks to fur storage.

Cost $30, includes Tax & Shipping

Our presentation is concluded, sure hope you enjoyed the graphics and brief naratives!


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