Clearfield County Historical Society

Directors, Officers & Committees 2024

....volunteer positions,

dedicated to historical preservation.


Denny Shaffner, President              

Cathie Hughes, 1st Vice President

 Julie Houtson, 2nd Vice President

 Sharon Aaron, Secretary       

 Brent Thomas, Treasurer


Standing Committees/

Acquisitions - Julie Houston, Paula Miller, Linda Lawhead Pollock.

Display  -  Julie Houston, Paula Miller, Sharon Aaron.

Membership - Cathy Larson.   

Buildings - Jack Woolridge, Scott Kolesar.

Outdoor Grounds - Susan Williams, Bob Eshelman, Ken Leonard.

Endowments / Memorials -  Becky Hummel, Brent Thomas.

Finance  -  Brent Thomas, Fred Ralston.

Genealogy - Cathie Hughes, Chris Watson, Gweneth Fox, Bob Eshelman, Cathy Larson, Mary Kay Royer, Sharon Aaron, Julie Houston, Paula Mller.


Special Committees/

Bloody Knox -  Scott Kolesar and John Warsing.

Publications/Bulletin - Cathie Hughes, Gweneth Fox, Denny Shaffner.

Tours - John Warsing & others.

Security and Technology - Jack Woolridge, Susan Williams, Mary Kay Royer

Grant Funding Committee - Fred Ralston,  Susan Williams .

Nominating -  Cathie Hughes, Bob Eshelman, Brent Thomas.


Staff Volunteers/

Web Site Host - Jim Moore 


Clearfield County Historical Society, DIRECTORS

Sharon Aaron - Curwensville
Bob Eshelman - Curwensville
Gweneth Fox - Clearfield
Justina Gaylor - Clearfield
Julie Houston - Morrisdale
Catherine Hughes - Clearfield
Becky Hummel - Clearfield
Scott Kolesar - West Decatur
Cathy Larson - Lanse
Ken Leonard - Frenchville
Paula Miller - Clearfield
Pat Pallo - Clearfield
Linda Lawhead Pollock - Clearfield
Fred Ralston - Clearfield
Roger Rorabaugh - Burnside
Mary Kay Royer - Frenchville
Denny Shaffner - Rochton
Brent Thomas - Clearfield
John Warsing - Madera
Chris Watson - Philipsburg
Susan Williams - Clearfield
Jack Woolridge - Clearfield


The Kerr House Museum and Genealogy  Research Center


Sundays & Thursdays

  1:30 to 4:30 PM.

so, JOIN US THRU... 

Write us at...'Clearfield County Historical Society

   511 Van Valzah Ave.
   Clearfield, PA 16830'

Phone: 814-768-7318 for a brief recording... 


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Contact Method

Clearfield County Historical Society MUSEUMS


 104 E. Pine St,

Clearfield, Pa  16830

(Corner Front & E Locust Sts.)



  511 Van Valzah Ave.

  Clearfield, PA  16830

      (official business address)


3. 'BLOODY KNOX' Cabin Museum:

6246 Curwensville - Tyrone Hwy.

Olanta, PA  16863

(Village of Kellytown)


Courtesy guided group tours of our 'Kerr House' Museum can be arranged year round by phoning



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