Clearfield County Fair !   

Tuesday Afternoon - JULY 16th, 2024

While you're here at the 2024 Fair

take a look at these 

Clearfield County Fair “Vegetable Craft” entries
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Clearfield County Historical Society


THE JUDGES & PRIZE PATRONS FOR 2024 ... last year's collection!


DERBY HAT DAY 2023 !   

Tuesday Afternoon - August 1, 2023

Let's have a look at the 2023 Derby Day Hats!

Now, let's see the 'Derby' HATS selected by the JUDGES as WINNERS..

click image to enlarge

Another successful Derby Hat Day at the 2023 Fair!

There were over 160 colorful, fun hats in the grandstand for the harness racing.

What a beautiful site to see!

Thanks to all of the participants wearing their

biggest and finest headwear! 



                           And the winners are:
Youth: Mia Cailla, Jessilynn Flanagan, Danika Yingling, Annalee Scaife, Perry Shiu, Sopia Sams
Groups: Adams Family and Tom Grice Family
Adults: Mark Bodle (Clearfield), Cathy Palmer (Coalport), Elliott Laratonda (Bellefonte), Joni Davis (Clearfield), Forest Campman (Clearfield), Jamison Murphy (South Carolina), Tim Duckett, Scott Duckett, Kim Kovall (Clearfield), Debbie Gearhart, Lisa McCahan, Raeann Peters (New Millport), Mary Jo Ferry (Woodland), Angie Keith (Clearfield), Kent Adams (Clearfield), Paige Laratonda (Bellefonte), Cherish Kauffman (Mahaffey), Lauren Kennedy (DuBois), Meredith Reed (Clearfield)

   We are grateful to all of our community business who

                   supported us with prizes:
     Mabel’s Pizza
       St. Charles Café
         Lisa’s Sew Crafty
           Sherwood’s Creamery
             Santinoceto’s Italian Market
               Passport Radio
     Sapp Bros. Truck Stop
       Christian Lezzer of Lezzer Realty Group
         Clearfield Co. Historical Society
           Dented Keg
             Global Drill Service
               Rowland Theatre 
                 Shindig Alley
                   Philipsburg Massage & Fitness Studio


                          Hats off to our judges,

              who had a difficult time with so many great hats!

   Morgan Koziar, WTAJ
     Brad Davis, Mabel’s Pizza Shop
       Logan Cramer, Passport Radio
         Colleen Campman, Jim’s Sports Center
           Big Moose, Bigfoot Country Polka Party



'DERBY DAY' 2022 Photo Collection...

              Enjoy our 2022 'Derby Day'

                       smile brigade parade ...                                            Click each photo for blow-ups & captions!

...keep watching

       for added photos and changing captions!

Clearfield County Historical Society presents

3rd Derby Hat Day Clearfield County Fair -

2019, 2021 & now... Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 5:30 !

...during the Harness Races!

Grandstand entry is FREE for Harness Races.

Ladles, kids and men alike, are welcome to join-in.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 at 5:30pm

On this fun filled day, wear hats fit for the occasion.

YOU might win one of twenty prizes to be awarded!

In preparation, you can see prior years 'Derby Hats' worn

at the Fair......

...over 100 hats, bonnets, straws, fedoras, feathers and more, for your review! 

and Now - 2022....

DERBY HAT DAY at the Clearfield County Fair - 2022

Derby Hat Day at the Fair will be held during the evening harness races on Tuesday, August 2 starting at 5:30. This free event is fun for the entire family and is sponsored by the Clearfield County Historical Society.

All are welcome!
Wear your finest hat to the harness races in the grandstand for a chance to win over 20 prizes, including over $400 in gift cards from local businesses.


Admission to the grandstand is free after entering the park. 

   This year's judges pictured with our volunteer, Paula Miller, are...

  1. Joe Murgo, WTAJ Channel 10
  2. Diane Byers, The Progress 
  3. Jackie Spicher, POP 93.1 / 95.9 radio station
  4. Logan Cramer, Passport Radio 98.5 / 101.7

​        plus Clearfield Mayor, Mason Strouse !

'See you at the Fair', Tuesday, August 2nd at 5:30! 

...race followed by the Moore Brothers Band...

Be sure to wear your fancy hat!

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